Team building and development – methods “drum circle” from 8 up to 40 participants

Team building

Collective drumming is the oldest form of building, team development, and teamwork! In Africa and most cultures around the world (including Slavic tribes) the techniques of collective drumming were used before taking an important decision.

Thanks to collective playing the whole community got into the same level, allowing greater efficiency in mutual communication. In collective drumming there are important rules such as the ability to listen and the ability to be communicative (understandable), to react at the right time and not sooner or later (timing), the ability to lead others (leadership), mutual support (cooperation), and relaxation of tension (stress management).

No wonder that it is for these functional parallels with the business world that the techniques of collective drumming started to be used for the development of corporate teams. The so-called drum circle term started to establish itself. This is a form of collective drumming, which comes from the atavistic roots of collective tribal playing.

The participants sit in the circle and play together led by the drum facilitator or facilitator of other percussions. Primarily it is not about making music but about a common experience of finding a common rhythm, cooperation, and communication. In a drum circle all participants are involved and actively play – no music background is required, absolutely everyone can play.

The facilitator plays an important role in the drum circle. He is the guide in playing; he conducts particular techniques and leads the circle. This person connects the parallels of rhythms and common experience from playing into the real life – how to use these techniques in the real corporate environment, how to make the most of this experience for internal communication, etc. Without the professional guidance this experience can be a good fun, but it does not have an essential impact on corporate communication and other desired results.

Original Rhythm Team offers several models of teambuilding programs using the drum circle techniques. Drum circle techniques are suitable for teams from 8 to 40 persons and different project levels deliver desired results: team building, communication, cooperation, leadership, time management, stress management.

In terms of time, it is possible to organize drum circle techniques ranging from one hour session to two-day intensive workshop followed by an expert evaluation and the design of a following procedure for the work with team - team development.

As members of the world professional association “Drum circle facilitators guild – DCFG” we guarantee that our instructors are accredited facilitators of these techniques. This means that in addition to an intense experience of collective drumming you will also see concrete results!

Order today the trial lesson “drum circle” directly in your company’s building!

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